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Intellivalve Technology

Hpp is pleased to introduce the new H-Series pumps, innovative and high-quality pumps for the water jetting and process industry. Rated up to 2.800 bar (40k psi) and 410 kW (550 Hp), these pumps feature state-of-the-art technology and can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position. They also feature integrated gear reduction for a very compact configuration.

But their main feature is that these pumps feature the patented “Intellivalve” technology, allowing for 10k to 20k convertibility by changing only the plunger kits. This technology make the pumps very easy to maintain, as in just 15 minutes it is possible to replace the only required three items for the suction/discharge valves and seats. Also standard is our pneumatic pressure regulator allowing for easy & precise pressure control. The pressure regulators are available in both 0 – 20k and 0 – 40k configurations to accommodate a wide range of either dry-shutoff or dump style tools.

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